Thorbart Presents Poetry by Thorb

In the time of now   south garden
we all think to be ourselves
then like all the ones before
for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
nope      south garden
or not like a rope dangling    
off the limb of an old oak
fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
if weakness prevails.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This next section is random inserts so will likely be different every time you enter or refresh.
odd situation
intermittent confidence
surrounded by fog

constructing new pasts
unable to escape now
neuron induction

somehow it all works
intrusions from random thought
melding moments now

a drink an'a smoke
foggy momentary toke
no joke eh man yea

a strange atmosphere
encompassing all of now
I miss you my dear

building from the past
inventive resourcefullness
nothing makes it last

increased tolerance
over simplification
can you pay the rent

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here is another random poem.

A little message in the night

feeling something isn't right
I stop to think and take a drink
all this time sort'a stinks
and something here in the night feels trite
but what can I do about it?

We're supposed to push the limits
to spell out right and wrong
we're supposed to be the conscience
showing when to sing along
[with forgiveness in our songs].

Last year was one to forget
the trouble hasn't ended yet
money and jobs and corporate snobs
comedians and slobs and celebrity Bobs
can bite my knob and choke on it
for all they've done to help.

The unemployed welt on the neck of society looks alittle gangreenous.
So like'ya'know somthing so called official should be done;
don't'ya think?

So who cares if I break the rhyme
its my dime and time
whining to the tune of February to June,
then again in September to December
when we all should remember our family and friends
and the poor souls without means to an end.

If it ain't broke, it soon will be.
If it ain't a joke, its pretty silly.
If it ain't hope, its a dream.
If it ain't a plan, its a scheme.
If it ain't dope, its medicine.
If it ain't a beginning, its an end.

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