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In the time of now   south garden
we all think to be ourselves
then like all the ones before
for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
nope      south garden
or not like a rope dangling    
off the limb of an old oak
fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
if weakness prevails.

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Thinking about sex...
over and over.... why.... hormones... mind slip .... primal drive
many gigabites.. more liquic cooled .. tension ... passion
pleasure and pain, ... not all at once... not at all the same.

Passion and pain... let me hear it again....passion and pain like freezing rain,
taking it to the bone -- with shivers and sighs alone -- passion and pain again.
I once heard you calling '' stalling '' falling -- I won third blue small ring,
balling '' bowling -- something like I never heard before -- a knock on the door,
"hello" ... pause ... "oh, wait a minuit, I will check."
wondering to myself as I walk toward the bedroom, "what do they look like naked?"


searching through engins... through links ... through networking ....
searching searching ... for your love ... searching searching ... baby.
searching for your love ... and me ... searching searching ... maybe,
searching through engins... through links ... through networking,
searching searching for my love ... searching searching ... baby,
like old r&b so dear to me ... so close ... searching searching ... maybe.


I may take the image from another place... photo link that's broken
time and space not spoken... maybe you know the face... maybe you know the place,
let me know... credit will go ... ahhh but .. don't expect deletion...
do you retain your rights to the pixel or to the 7 note equivalent.
do you retain your rites do you retain ... do you do you do i ???


Art.... what is it... a function ... an thought ?
who determines the posession of a digital image
is it like a patent or a song?
so ... where do we go from here... ?

Photos of people need to have releases... unless its people in a public space .
a person has the right of non recognition if so desired...


Now that my hands can do labour again... it seem like forever..
my body... my mind... so long since the time... of labour.
home project ... bah .. not the same ..
probably more dangerous..
home projects .. lah la dee dah ... I can't seem to get too excited,
its not like doing something for public display. [oh the exhibitionists giving the voyeurs what they need]
funny... it didn't used to be that way... how funny it seems..
how there's inertia in everything .. even the actions of people.


passion and pain come again and again ... giving life to both insane and inane.
passion and pain come again and again and again and again... with passion again,
and pain in the pleasure of love. love ... love ... love ...
passion love .. pleasure love .. pain love ... passion and pain in love pleasure

treasure it when its there... if you care,
pleasure fits when its there.. if you dare to care,


all rights reserved for permission to purchase the use of this or other art


here is another random poem.

Msg: 399	 -:- One Moment in Infinity -:- Abraham's Children -:-

Posted: 8/26/2007 10:55:56 PM

[just happened to fall into the infinity from some Ufinished Business]

for all who have suffered in Abraham s name
its the same old game of religious inane rhetoric
ain't that a shame
using an angel of peace's name to kill
using religion to inflict your will
God's will is nature at its least effected by man
then on the other hand
aren't we just an ugly part of nature
the fallen angels
there is no place on earth for heaven or hell
they have to be dimensionally different to sell
self made gods try to live like they are in heaven
self made demons like they live in hell
both have a smell
me I can tell
its sad
they're mad
too bad they just don't go away
like in olden days
some say to the other side
more likely they just slide
slime down some hole in the bay
never to be seen in light of day
Abraham's children we are
mixed with conquered scars
Celts pelts sold with Aztec gold to Sythians great great grand sons
not one can survive that final ride
down the river to the sea of infinity

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