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In the time of now   south garden
we all think to be ourselves
then like all the ones before
for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
nope      south garden
or not like a rope dangling    
off the limb of an old oak
fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
if weakness prevails.

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-:- One Moment in Infinity -:- b-day blues, reds, pinks, oranges, purple, green, yellow
Posted: 9/18/2007 1:23:16 PM
It took sixty-five years to get the blues
now the only problem is you wanna snooze
do that baby and yer gonna lose
that feeling ya need t' sing those blues

been wastin time on all those things
drivin an fightin to have a bell ring
dinged that dong way too many times
you can't recognize a true love chime

It took sixty-five years to get the blues
now ya get em but ya just wanna snooze
do that babe an yer sure gonna lose
don't matter which colour you try to choose

close yer eyes to the world all around
let the beat kinda beat you down
feel that depression sink deep in yer skull
if ya can't scream it out yer part of the cull

It took sixty-five years to get the blues
ya get em now but just wanna snooze
ain't no doubt that will make ya lose
unless ya belt it out right up from yer shoes

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here is another random poem.

Gee wizz mister ah... 

whaz it from
an you ain't knowin where the beef is.
Talk about over simplified.

Farmer prejudiced and well...
Canada produces Dairy, Beef, pork, poltry, apples, pears and
grapes for lots of wine
and carrots, potatoes, lettuce etc. etc. etc.
Now that I guess you would accept radiated for freshness
since you like the imports and
oh yea all that exotic pesticide those exotic countries like to use.
[Just because we banned and sold off the excess, doesn't mean that we can't eat it.]
Ah and about grains,
would you like to give up bear and bread.
Wine wine wine.
That's all I seeeeeeemmmm to be reminded of all the time
without proper background information.
{excuse the flames as oops another miss .... then quick reload.]
Goaded on by quick reactions [and shallow thought],
the discussion "on how to help" can turn very unproductive,
bordering on slanderous and
weeee aaalllll cccaaaaannnnn't be intellectual
all the time.
Sometimes we wander in over our heads
in that search for the source of fun in life

2% or skim or well coffee does support cream and well only 5 cups a day and well,
1 do you really have time to eat fruits?
Or is this sarcasm falling down
like a cold hearted workaholic that really needs some help to relax
and get a real like that involves the rest of humanity
or at least some of it that is trying to have some fun.
Not always on the run
its only just begun
Jobs, jobs, jobs,
the slobs are promising it again

Jobs jobs jobs for family and friends.
Where are all the friends
poor family genocide
poor workin stiffs
poor baby you got a teenage mom
poor boy youz just a bum
poor can eat of this province
the beer boys said
poor can sleep in the cold of the street
so as overtime can keep sweet dreams
in this country.
Where are the real helping hands
in their pockets , in the stands
or just behind your head
while the tube covers what you would have said
Wally and Harry and Hey the locals do it too.

hands under their chairs
hands overs a few eyes
they will go away
if nobody cares
if we give out a few sighs
and count who dies.

Wise men and women have said it all before.
Still. I like a laugh, a good discussion,
I like man need ta say,
g'day. o.k. , eh?
Its Canadian t'take alot'a time discussing
what we ain't gonna do nothin about, make a rhyme
wine and song.
then make a joke.
Turn about.
Well, as Alexi would say, '"I like a laugh."'
Ha ha ha the joke's on you if you who don't support intelligent change,
I like a laugh and ya know
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha if'n ya find
it don't support you
well I hope it don't blow your mind.
Only sharing will help us all.
I don't mean to preach
just.... well.....
If you don't share,
who will share with you?

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