Thorbart Presents Poetry by Thorb

In the time of now   south garden
we all think to be ourselves
then like all the ones before
for sure a thought 
awakens new dreams of hope
nope      south garden
or not like a rope dangling    
off the limb of an old oak
fate finds fear in the heart
like rot or a fungus can start
if weakness prevails.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<-------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This next section is random inserts so will likely be different every time you enter or refresh.
What are the rules? Do I have to play? Do I want to play?
Do you want to play? What are the rules? Is it fun? Is it physical?
I've been a player and won my fair share, [even tossed a few] to keep it fair.
lost even more and felt really soar. Physical skin to skin. Fluids flow,
heart rates grow - -[ . ]- - -pulsate - - -blood heats- - - pulsates- - - - -emotions- - -closed circuit- - -chemistry-
Anarchy? -most playgrounds gravitate to it- tab -yes/no/no/yes- tab -no/yes/yes/no-
[a call of the wild] survival of the fittest
[though through it all I always felt a greater power guiding a way of light.
tab I also felt a darkness and powers of warmth and comfort. -tab- - - - - pulsating - - - -the heart grows steady- -pulsates with a rhythm of love, harmony and the lost children of Rapeseed.
Inuendo or poetic licence to ... --- ===[] the computer age is changing readers and writters. Its hard to do booth when its hard to do one. Reading your own writting is harder than most. So you ask a true reader for their opinion and pray that you can handle what come back. Hiding in your shell like you know, like - -I'm tire of looking at the screen and the keyboard.
age compassion ...
Games become a driving fashion tool of society. [\danger\;ofe\funtime ]

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here is another random poem.


Death is just a part of life.
We try to stay outside of strife.
Crying some but laughing more,
we live our lives trying to score.
For you to live, I must die.
We sit around and wonder why.
We feel so sure our death will come,
when it does, life will have just begun.
Life means death and death means life,
see these things and tell your wife.
We need not worry, for what's to come,
we were here before our lives had begun.
When you die you'll know for sure,
this thing called life, has no cure.

I need no box for my grave,
my body can rot, my life is saved,
by the knowledge of our deaths.
I know that we will need no breaths.
Death is a game, to no avail,
but without it, our lives would fail.
It makes us wonder what we are.
So frail a creature, easy to scarr.
If not in skin, then in heart,
the scarrs remain as life departs.
Our beings evolve, from the grave,
to the stars, not a cave.
Eternity is ours to do with as we please,
Life and death being no more than a sneeze.

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